AI Hub and Next Level Marketing AI by Squirrly

It's been a long time coming... ever since the moment when we created an AI content writer inside the Blogging Assistant of Squirrly SEO last year (we didn't officially release it).

After testing and thinking, we saw a real need for making fully automated End-to-End marketing available for everyone.

With your help, your feedback and your experience, we've realized that fully automated sounds good, but isn't, so we now have a "Move Things Forward" section, where our users will make approvals and decide how things will move forward.

So you will not have any unwanted "surprises" from the AI.

AI Hub will become a sub-section of Next Level Marketing by Squirrly, where users will start building custom tools that make our AI Specialists create more "on-brand" materials.

We ran a very limited Alpha with few members of our audience, but there's good news:

- our v2 of the Web App is ready and we will begin a larger Alpha version soon. We hope it will be April 2024, but might only be in May 2024.
- our WordPress Plugin (you will NOT need WP to use Next Level Marketing, but this is a good extra for those who DO use WP) is also ready now.
- Squirrly Social and Email Hero had parts of them re-written to allow us to connect our AI Specialists from within NL to these other tools we've built.

You give a topic (or a keyword).

You will get:
- a content plan
- that content plan will be fully executed by our AI Specialists
- everything you approve will be published to the site
- for each approved piece, our AI Specialists can create social media messages and emails to promote the new piece.
- you approve those as well
- the AIs then go on to promote the new content piece via Search Engines, Social Media Profiles, Email Inboxes, Google My Business feeds.

In the near future (somewhere in 2024 as well) we will also have the option to create and publish Ads for Facebook and Instagram from Next Level.

These are some very exciting times, and I can't wait to let you know more about our progress on this.