Firewall and GeoBlocking Features in Hide My WP Ghost

 Coming back with the 4th updates pack for Hide My WP Ghost, from the last 30 days.

We've worked very hard to bring you these update packs and I hope you enjoy them. It took us many months to finish all these, so now we're happy we could release so many for you.

There are also many fixes that never reach the light of day (meaning I never get to promote them via RoadMap, Social Media and email), because working on more compatibilities and integrations is constant work for a security plugin focused on prevention.

Check it out here.

I wanted to bring you the news about this as quickly as possible.

We've moved the Firewall settings into the main left menu, because it became a very complex and useful feature for our users.

Today's updates pack is mostly about Firewall and GeoBlocking, plus we went through other features that were requested on our roadmap.