Hide My WP Ghost: Updates to the Updates Message from last week. Platform change.

Since 2012, the Squirrly Company, makers of your WordPress Security Plugin, Hide My WP Ghost, have announced product updates using the Twitter Platform.

Thanks to feedback from those of you in our community, I see now that Twitter/X no longer allows people to read content from X, unless they register an account. This is completely against what the old Twitter stood for, and we will start announcing updates to all our products (includin Hide My WP Ghost) on LinkedIN, moving forward.

LinkedIN allows users to read without having to be logged in. Scroll down to the Updates section of our Squirrly page, and you will find the updates.
We've copied the latest batch of update to the LinkedIN feed.

And you can also have a look at the entire changelog. (this is from the Official Roadmap). We've also released two update packs in March that we didn't announce via email yet.

The only thing with the Roadmap is: you can sort by "Done" and choose to see latest DONE updates first, but we've now fixed for Hide My WP issues that have been signaled to us many months ago (new features, added security, etc. which took more time to develop). Those updates will show below other older updates, even though they are completely new items added to the plugin.