Powering Up and Roadmap Updates

Thank you for joining us in 2022 and being with us after so many years.

The 3rd of October 2012 marked the birth of the Squirrly Company, which has gone on to invest $2 Million USD in our technology stack that we use to deliver 17 SaaS, plugins and services to over 20,000 business clients around the world. More about us here.

You've all helped us reach our Goal of $1 Million USD in Annual Recurring Revenue in 2021 much faster than we could have ever anticipated.

I want to thank you for your trust and for being with us.

We're growing like squirrly and we keep delivering insanely great products.

You'll definitely see a big 10 Years event from us this year.

With your support we could reach new heights and we have exciting things planned for 2022:

🚀 Education Cloud PLUS - new release in Q1 2022
🚀 Customers.DigitalPack.Com - brand new experience for those who buy over 17 SaaS and products from us
🚀 The Store for Entrepreneurs Updates in Q2 2022
🚀 Squirrly Social 2022 in Q2
🚀 Squirrly SEO 2022 in Q2
💌 Brand New UI and UX in Squirrly SEO 2022
💌 Starbox PRO changes
💌 More Games and Prizes
💌 Brand new Squirrly SPY experience and Credits system
💌 Awesome Fulfillment for all products purchased through the Squirrly Store
💌 Email Hero App development being done
💌 Better Experience for Squirrly Digital (digitalpackglobal.com) coming soon
💌 Squirrly France and Squirrly Brazil - local partners to help you out in these countries
💌 In-Store Credits
💌 Many new Squirrly SEO Add-ONS
💌 Instructors for Education Cloud PLUS in 2022
Going forward, you will be able to see more in our #SQROAD feed on Twitter.

Many updates and new developments get seen there ^^ as soon as we make them available.

You can also track our company's Roadmap and the roadmaps of various products here.

These are some of our plans for Q1 and Q2 of 2022 and we've got great things in store for Q3 and Q4 as well, which will be announced at later dates!

Enjoy the ride.

Keep Ranking,
Florin Muresan
CEO, Squirrly