Pricing Changes: Education Cloud PLUS by Squirrly

There are 50 Courses right now inside Education Cloud PLUS, available under one single subscription (or one time fee plan).

Here's the catch:

Existing subscribers will keep their current prices for their current plans. We don't increase the prices paid by on-going clients.

New subscribers will have to get their Premium Pass for:

$15.99 | $159.99 | $399

USD (monthly, yearly, lifetime).

We started Education Cloud PLUS in 2020, and it was an EdTech platform created by the Squirrly Company. This one came to provide an upgrade to our users who were on the older Education Cloud platform we've had since 2014.

When Education Cloud PLUS was announced there were only 6 courses inside at $9.99 USD / month.

The clients who got that early bird price now still pay us only $9.99 USD / month, but they get 50 courses instead of just 6.

And they also received the brand new AI courses that help our students upskill and reskill to generative AI technologies.