Reusable Schemas + Custom Patterns + Reusable in SEO Automation is now released and stable!

Hey @everyone, we'd like your help with nominating Squirrly SEO as an AI plugin here:

I have great news today, too: Reusable Schemas + Custom Patterns + Reusable in SEO Automation is now released and stable!!!

This should come as amazing news to all of you who have themes, or plugins which help you with custom fields for your posts, pages or custom post types.

Create a reusable schema type. Squirrly SEO will look at all the fields you've completed for a certain custom post type and then grab all those fields and automatically create new Patterns for them!

Once you complete a reusable schema with all the details and all the new patterns, you can save it for later usage.

You can even add it to the SEO Automation feature of Squirrly SEO, which makes it extremely powerful.

Your editors or authors will just have to complete the details, and then Squirrly SEO will automatically take all the inputs they've given and create the proper schemas on its own.

Any author will add to your schema, without actually adding to the schema themselves.

You can customize and personalize any schema and save it as reusable, so you can cut your time at least in half.

Hope you'll enjoy this brand new feature inside your Squirrly SEO: Newton.

And don't forget to nominate us for AI Plugins on the link for TemplateMonster. We now have 2x different AIs : one 100% proprietary and built by Squirrly Company, and one that uses our implementation on OpenAI for keyword research and research assistant.

More Info:

The Reusable Schema feature from Squirrly SEO is a tool that simplifies the process of adding structured data, specifically JSON-LD schema markup, to your website's content. JSON-LD schema markup is used to provide search engines with additional information about your content, which can enhance the appearance of your search results in the form of rich snippets.

Here's a breakdown of how the Reusable Schema feature works:

  1. Creating a Schema Template: With Reusable Schema, you can create a template for a JSON-LD schema markup. This template defines the structured data you want to add to your content. This is particularly useful for customizing how your content appears in search results.
  2. Matching Custom Fields: Reusable Schema allows you to match custom fields, such as those from plugins like Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), to your schema template. This matching process involves using placeholders like {{customfield(field_name)}} in your schema template. These placeholders are replaced with the actual values from your custom fields when the schema is generated.
  3. Customizing Post Types: You can use Reusable Schema to customize various post types on your website, even if you don't use specific plugins like WooCommerce. For example, you can create a schema template for products or other content types and match the relevant custom fields to it.
  4. How-To and FAQ Schema: Reusable Schema also allows you to create templates for How-To or FAQ content types. You can match the fields from these post types into the appropriate schema templates. This way, you can ensure that all your How-To or FAQ content follows the same structured data format.
  5. Automation: Once you've created and saved your schema templates with all the necessary field mappings, you can use them in Squirrly SEO Automation. This means that Squirrly will automatically apply the customized schema to different post types or content that match the schema template criteria.

Reusable Schema simplifies the process of adding structured data to your website's content by allowing you to create templates, match custom fields, and automate the application of schema markup. This can enhance your content's appearance in search results and improve its search engine optimization (SEO) performance without requiring you to manually add schema markup to each individual post or page.