Squirrly SEO: Updates Recap

There have been hundreds of updates and new features made to Squirrly SEO in 2023. Just scroll down this list, to see how many were released and announced last year.

But let's talk about 2024 here. Squirrly SEO is a very complex and dual SaaS+plugin Software, making it the only SEO tool on the market capable of helping you with HolisticSEO, navBoost and all the other important Google Ranking factors uncovered, thanks to the big Google algorithm leak.

To see how complex it is, check out this page. We haven't been able yet to place every sub-feature of Squirrly SEO in it, but we will soon update it with more things we've added.

We have many services, APIs and servers that keep every major component alive:
  • admin
  • cloud app
  • keyword research - the AI side
  • keyword research assistant - with AI
  • keyword research - the analysis parts of the algorithm, that work with Competitive Clarity Index, our algorithms for defining search volumes, back-up routines for when we can't properly identify keyword search volumes the first time, Market Intelligence
  • briefcase and history
  • focus pages overview and focus pages details (these things check, measure and operate on over 113 ranking factors proven by the Google leak to be valid)
  • next SEO goals and the AI Consultant
  • Ranking Vision AI
  • Audit by Squirrly (Blogging Audit, Traffic Audit, Social Media Audit, Website Authority Audit, Backlinks Audit) + the compare and history features
  • Web Dev Kit by Squirrly
  • SERP Checker cloud by Squirrly
  • the basic serp checker when users don't have credits for SERP Checker Cloud by Squirrly (the one that is free)
  • the performance analytics features inside the SERP Checker area
  • SEO Live Assistant on Cloud App and Plugin
  • inner links automated suggestions and tracking
  • and a few others
Even though you see many updates to the WordPress plugin itself, there are many updates made to all the services which power all the components I've listed above.

Squirrly SEO was first built in 2012.

To prepare ourselves for the next 12 years, we've focused mostly on:

- Making Squirrly SEO ready to work awesomely together with Next Level Marketing AI by Squirrly
- Increasing the number of Focus Pages (and making sure the system will keep being reliable and able to process data in a sustainable way)
- Spending tons of money on developer hours internally and also getting outside help to speed the process :: solely for getting:
  • servers
  • worker systems
  • php versions
  • frameworks for php
  • react and node js components
  • server operating systems
  • database systems (we use mixes of SQL based dbs and Mongo dbs)

Many older processes, systems, frameworks, OS'es, etc. were getting either deprecated, we could no longer get support ourselves as a Company from those developers/providers.

The amount of pain, time, trial and error, bugs, etc. would not have been worth it, if we didn't plan for the next 12 years and for the future developments.

Those who know me from my personal brand website and from the lessons I teach via Education Cloud PLUS by Squirrly and Startup Espresso Podcast already know I love software, and that I've been in love with software from an incredibly young age.

But when doing these sorts of menial tasks, I can only say: I hate software. To have to go through the pains of migrating huge amounts of data, re-writing so much code and more: it's just painful.

Why? - because nobody cares that you do all these enormous tasks. Users don't get any perceived value out of it.

And for me personally: I also can't get excited about them, because they don't bring improvements to the output quality of each of these services.

There are too many things that change from year to year when building software products, especially a product that's on such a large scale, and with so many connected services.

Starbox PRO, Hide My WP and Squirrly Social don't even compare, for example. I love those products, but none of them will reach this level of complexity.

However, before we do a public release and an official milestone of launching the best version of Squirrly SEO: Newton, all these things had to be taken care of.

We can't invite people in for joining the Holistic SEO Revolution and then leaving them hanging because our services stop working one by one.

As we've grown past the $4 Million USD mark, it was the perfect time to take care of all this.

Can't expect much from the future, if you don't spend money where your mouth is.

I'm happy we could do this and prepare everything for the next 12 years.

This is not to say that we haven't made other updates come to life as well.

It's just that we've spent over 5 months on these aspects. Most of our developers were engaged in that and also the outside help.

A normal startup wouldn't have made it.

Now, for the other updates:

= 12.3.16  =
Compatible with WP 6.42
Update - Add the option to select the label for the Keyword Research
Update - Add the option to select the label for the Research > History
Update - Add the option to select the label for the Research > Suggestion
Update - GA properties to show only the domain mathing domains
Update - SLA for Divi not to take the header and footer in LP optimization
Fixed - SLA loading issue for Oxygen Builder
Fixed - Stop loading any resource from Squirrly when Page builder in preview
Fixed - Keyword Sync on Rankings
Fixed - Bulk keyword deletion in Briefcase
Fixed - Bulk label deletion in Briefcase

= 12.3.17  =
Compatible with WP 6.4.3
Update - Sitemap compatibility for JetEngine
Update - SLA compatibility with Avada, add support for Fusion Builder
Update - Notification message in Focus Pages and Audits when a crawling error is received
Update - Added the option to select multiple pages as inner link source
Update - Inner linking order to show the recent added links
Update - Show all WP hidden patterns in the list when "sq_show_hidden_patterns" is active
Update - Innerlinks API query in posts to find relevant links
Fixed - Sitemap Custom Posts loading issue
Fixed - IndexNow submit from Bulk SEO
Fixed - Inner link add button in popup when accessing multiple pages
Fixed - Keywords import in Briefcase

= 12.3.18 =
Update - Compatible with PHP 8.3 & WP 6.5
Update - Search by URL in Focus Pages and Audit
Update - Search term by URL in Focus Pages and Audit
Update - Added more compatibility with WooCommerce variation products
Update - Add specific notification in Ranking Sync page when GSC token expires
Update - Language in Dublin Core for more compatibility with WeGlot plugin
Update - Compatibility with SEO Generator plugin from AppSumo
Update - Keyword load in SLA when added in wp_postmeta with meta_key sq_keywords
Update - Advanced SEO Pack to work better with Polylang for WooCommerce when No Category path is activated

Advanced SEO Pack

= 2.3.14 =
Update - Compatible with PHP 8.3 & WP 6.5
Update - Compatibility Polylang for WooCommerce when No Category path is activated
Update - Timezone for date patterns in Schemas
Update - Compatibility with event plugins
Update - Increased security on special characters

= 12.3.19 =
Update - Compatible with WP 6.5.3
Update - SLA compatibility for Chinese chars
Update - SLA compatibility with last version of Elementor
Update - Compatibility with WPML when post type is not translatable.
Fixed - Focus Page > Platform Health tasks to not create confusion about the current URL
Fixed - Location coordinates kml in sitemap
Fixed - Prevent loading the sitemap.xml on subcategories
Fixed - Adjust settings layout on scale resolution
Fixed - Sitemap to use the /wp-content/cache as the default directory
Fixed - Favicon size in config to load on all mobile devices

And while all these were taking place:

  • improvements to the emails sent out with the SEO Audit by Squirrly
  • Progress and Achievements updates
  • Focus Pages details improvements
  • improvements to SERP Checker Cloud by Squirrly
  • improvements to the Keyword Research Assistant and the way it uses data from the OpenAI API and the briefcase + SEO Live Assistant history for your content.

We've also finsihed closing other tasks and roadmap items that received many votes.

And we've displayed the current roadmap for Planned and In Progress. You can filter for those here in Feedbear.

Planned: https://squirrly.feedbear.com/boards/squirrly-seo?filter=Planned
In Progress: https://squirrly.feedbear.com/boards/squirrly-seo?filter=In+progress

We've also released more videos on:

education content about Inner Links and all features inside Squirrly SEO that help with inner link building