Squirrly Social - v2 Updates


We hope you're doing Okay.

Part of the community has been creating their new accounts on the V2 of our app after we redirected from old app to new app last week.

It's been great to see people already using it.

We've managed to make a lot of progress over the weekend and all the way until today.

I have prepared this roadmap for you, so you can know the next bits that will be available soon in the new Squirrly Social.

Here's a BIG list of recent updates that have been made, tested and released for the new platform.

27 updates and releases can be viewed here. This will help you see what you can already use inside. The rest, are soon to be released and you have the info in the roadmap. (only read until LinkedIN v2.0 - that's the lowest you should go when scrolling down to see them)

Keep a fast social tempo,
Florin Muresan,
CEO, Squirrly
Makers of Squirrly Social